Our soaps are handmade with olive, palm and coconut oils with essential oils providing the scent

These small-batch soaps made by hand are perfect for sensitive skin

Soap made from natural ingredients like palm oil, coconut oil and olive oil

Soap of the Month - this month'e selections are Alsatia and Dead Sea Mud . Go to our Soap of the month page for more on these great soaps


Dead Sea Mud

Most of the soap from the store is not really soap, but a detergent bar. The natural glycerin has been removed from most commercial soaps. Handmade soap retains its natural glycerin which is a wonderful emollient and great for the skin.

Our soaps contain

Olive oil- Olive oil makes a nice, mild lather and longer-lasting soap

Coconut Oil- creates the creamy, moisturizing lather

Palm oil - Palm oil makes rich, luxurious, long-lasting bubbles and is very mild on the skin

Some, but not all, of our soaps may contain:

Fresh Herbs- We use fresh herds to add a special touch and for natural smell, texture, and color

Pure Essential Oils- Essential Oils are added for fragrance and aromatheraputic properties

Mica Powders- mica is a naturally occurring mineral and we use them to add some color to a few of our soaps.

Grapefruit seed extract- Since our handcrafted bars contain organic ingredients we use this natural preservative to keep our soap fresh for a little longer than they would keep on their own.

Goat's Milk, Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, Silks and Clays- These natural ingredients are used for the effects that they have on your skin- moisturizing and complexion enhancement.