Handcmade Soap by Saponi Soaps

Small-batch handcrafted soap made by hand from olive palm and coconut oil then scented with essential oils

Soap made by hand is a luxurious gift for you or a friend

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Saponi Soaps

Definition of Saponification
(sə-pŏn'ə-fĭ-kā'shən) v. A chemical reaction in which organic compounds are combined with an alkali to make soap.

Definition of Saponi Soaps
(sə-pŏn-e sōps) n. Where you will find the finest small batch handcrafted soaps made from pure, natural ingredients.

Dead Sea Mud

dead sea mud & vanilla

Dead Sea Mud


lemon, sandalwood, ylang ylang, voilet, & jasmine


Handcrafted soaps are one of the finest everyday items that you can use to cleanse your body and your mind. All our soaps are made from natural ingredients so that each bar will clean as well as moisturize each time you use them.

Saponi Soaps are 100% natural handcrafted soaps. Our soap base is a blend of saponified natural coconut, palm and extra-virgin olive oils. We then blend in high quality essential oils for the aroma. We do not use any chemicals or impure additives in any of our soaps.

The essential oils we use are the same high quality oils used for aromatherapy. They come from exotic locations such as Morocco, Greece and India, but are steam distilled to preserve the aromatics and to be certain that they have a pure, natural fragrance.

Our soaps are made in very small quantities - in four- to eight- pound batches - so that each batch has it's own unique characteristics. We take detailed notes on each variety so that we can be sure that every one maintains its consistency from batch to batch.

Our handcrafted bars make terrific gifts or can be the perfect indulgence for you.